Accessing the Arts

Blue Grass and Chickens and Hogs, Oh Num!.

I can’t believe my two favorite annual “food fests,” the St. Mark’s Lutheran Church Hog Roast and the Randolph-Hampton Fire District Chicken Barbecue, are just weeks away. Both are 25 minutes south of the Twin Cities and feature cowboy-boot kickin’, … Read more
Posted at 29 July 2011 9:58 AM by R. Furlong

Animals at your Service

Doctor Sophia Yin’s – The Do’s And the Don’ts When Playing with Dogs

Is your dog working? Can I pet your dog? Does he bite? These are questions I’m asked almost every day. If a person interferes with a service dog or dog guide while the dog is working, the distraction can make … Read more
Posted at 22 July 2011 12:49 PM by Clarence Schadegg

Animals at your Service

Uneasy Truce Over End of State Shut Down: What the Future May Hold For Handlers and Helper Animals on Buses

If Metropolitan Council raises fares and cuts service on Metro Transit buses, what does the future hold? There are no statistics available on how many handlers of service animals use door-to-door and fixed route transit. Though there is some mention … Read more
Posted at 15 July 2011 1:51 PM by Clarence Schadegg