Bruno Mars at Glamorama 2011

The 2011 Macy’s Minneapolis Glamorama, Aug. 8 will offer its usual artsy and outlandish high-fashion. This year’s headliner for the event benefiting Children’s Cancer Fund is the multi-talented singer/songwriter Bruno Mars. Tickets for the fashion show and concert at Orpheum Theatre, Minneapolis, start at $60. I have one word for you, if you can go: GO.

My husband, Bill, and I first caught Mars on the 2011 Grammy Awards. We were blown away. Wearing a pork-pie hat, the 25-year-old offers a retro 1960s style in his persona, appearance and word phrasing. He can play the piano and drums like crazy. He writes catchy tunes with clever lyrics that have you singing for days.

Mars played the Roy Wilkins Auditorium on May 25. Bill bought our tickets (my friend, Lori came with us) at the auditorium’s box office. Waiting in line for tickets, a mom — who was taking her 14-year-old daughter and her friends — asked my husband if he’d ever been to a scream fest before. When he said he hadn’t, she said, “You better bring ear plugs.”

I decorated T-shirts for Lori and me using duct tape and my Cricut machine (see video below). Bill didn’t want one (party-pooper). For the concert, we parked in the auditorium ramp entering on Kellogg Boulevard. The entrance is super steep: fine going down, treacherous coming back up. (We had to stop and start on the steep incline, waiting for pedestrians and exiting cars above.)

The only handicap seating is at back of the auditorium, main floor right side in a ramped, deck-style area. The metal structure is 4 feet off the ground and holds 6 wheelers (or more, as needed) and 6 metal guest chairs (or less, as needed).

The deck offers perfect view of the stage and LED screens. Back in the day, I’d be squished up at the stage but I no longer want to be shuffling around, jockeying for a spot (okay, I lied, I love to be in the thick of things but it’s claustrophobic in a wheelchair). The best part of the deck was leaving: we could shoot down the ramp and out the door.

Audience members were of all ages; wearing earplugs was “sound” advice. Acoustics are nil in Roy Wilkins, the music was loud and the bass pounded off the old cement bleachers. I thought the pounding was going to make my heart beat goofy.

We tried talking for the first hour of the show… it went like this:

“Yada, yada, yada.”






It was one of the best concerts we’ve seen in a long time. I’m sure though, that Bruno Mars with Orpheum acoustics, will be a whole ’nother experience. Mars does not disappoint and you probably won’t need earplugs … plus, it’s for a great cause.

Glamorama may not be as loud but when you do purchase tickets ask about accommodations for people with disabilities. Glamorama staff didn’t respond in time for this post but the Orpheum has great online information about accessibility, at

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