Surfing A New Cyber Space Site For Pets (Service Animals Like To Shop Too)

Does your service animal ever get a day off? People often ask me if my dog guide ever has play time.

Do service animals like monkeys, cats and pygmy horses have fun?

Colleen Taylor just introduced, a new Amazon website for people and pets.

Taylor said, “The team behind has made a new e-commerce site aimed at the other baby in the American household: the family pet.”

Taylor’s comparison of a special animal in our home to that of a baby reflects how many of us feel about four-legged friends.

As a dog guide handler, I learned quickly that a service dog needs to have lots of play time. I give my off-duty dog guide a lot of time to just be a dog.

The harness comes off. The leash is removed. Telly romps around with a toy hanging from his mouth as he plays in my fenced in back yard. He needs to let go of that pent-up energy and stress from dodging motorized and pedestrian traffic as well as sidewalk barriers like tables, chairs and other animals.

My dog guide kept us both safe. At the end of a working day, I like to have fun. So why not the same for my hard working service dog?

As a dog guide handler since 1995, I know more about dogs then other service animals. Be it a pygmy horse, monkey or cat, all need time away from the harness or the work.

Frisco, my first dog guide, was often with me during my visits to the local pet store. My current dog guide Telly also enjoys the pet store. His nose effortlessly finds the most cherished chew toy of his choice.

Dogs and horses like apples. I cut up apples into chewable chunks for my dog. Do handlers of pygmy horses do the same?

Pygmy horses like to bob for apples in shallow pools of water. My dog Telly may enjoy that kind of fun as well.

Would a small horse or large dog have the same kind of fun bobbing for apple pieces or the whole apple?

My dog guide takes me through grocery stores, clothing stores and pet shops. Wouldn’t it be much easier on my feet to tour a virtual reality store with all of these products?

Instead of going through one store after another, now I let my fingers shop from one dot-com to the next. Nice.’s offerings will go way beyond dog treats. The site will launch with more than 10,000 products for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles and other small animals. The offerings will include mass and specialty branded food, litter, toys, vitamins and medicine, grooming supplies, clothing and accessories.”

My dog may enjoy products mailed to our home. Still, there is something to enjoy of watching my dog guide in a pet store.

Oh, can I have that rubber ring?

Oh wait; I want that tug toy too.

I need a new raincoat for the periodic Minnesota downpours.

I’m sure that if my dog Telly had his choice, I could easily fill up a cart with all of the toys and stuff he’d select.

What does the animal in your house do for fun? Please share your comments and questions here.

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